“We have a responsibility to leave for future generations, a planet that is healthy and inhabited by all species.”  Sir David Attenborough

We are an ecologically disposed institution. We have an abiding respect and love for the environment of our school and are deeply conscious of its place in the unity of our planet. Hence, we are attracted to working with others around the globe. The passion to understand our flora and fauna stems from an understanding that our contribution, however tiny, must matter profoundly. Education, we believe, is akin to plant nutrients in the garden. Children directly benefit from early years guidance. Their brains too have neural systems comparable to plant root systems. Our approach is to help them develop well to yield benefits spanning well beyond their life-times and beyond Mukosi Community.


About 25 km southward from the World Heritage Monuments of Great Zimbabwe is a nest with fledglings flapping educational wings. Indeed, so burgeoning under the guardian mount Gondoi (Gondoi literally means 'what kind of an eagle!'). This nest is Mukosi School which is named after the Mukosi river. Mukosi river feeds the impressive Tugwi-Mukosi lake downstream. Tucked away in this water Catchment Basin, we have developed a deep respect for the natural ecology and are taking positive action; for example, reducing silting by planting a wide range of trees along the embankment.



Mukosi School is a work in progress. And every day, we are making that assessment tell through a new creativity. This is the electricity within ourselves before we have even installed a single solar panel, a biodigester or a wind turbine. We compare our Key Development Projects to plant catalysts: in this case, Electricity, Water and Road Transport become the essential trace elements for educational growth.


Think of Electricity as an educational catalyst; at Mukosi, we do not complain that we currently have no electrical supply. Instead, our focus of attention is on the opportunities that an electrification programme offers - reliable/renewable energy supply, lighting, ICT centre, and improved health and communication.
Water pump installed


Our water programme involves the installation of pumps and tanks for students, staff and school animals. Our initial position was to ferry water direct from Mukosi River, after which a well was developed. Currently, we are gathering momentum in a transition phase of modernisation. Our Local Government, the Masvingo Rural District Council in tandem with UNICEF funding have recently installed our first pump. This work was carried out by the engineers from the District Development Fund (DDF).

Road & transport

The current state of our 5 km stretch of road linking our school is a daily challenge. However, we are gaining traction because every day, we are focused on the next step. True, the effort of long-distance walking by young children is grinding. We have seeded a strong wish to reconstruct this stretch comparable to the way beneficial bacteria act as soil conditioners - breaking down heavy clay to allow easy transport of nutrients.


We commend you to join us as ACTIVE PARTNERS. You, as a partner/s, then transform into beneficial bacteria that establish a supportive root system for the students of Mukosi School. We would like you as ACTIVE PARTNERS to be the mulching material that help plants to retain moisture.


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