Become a partner of Mukosi

Want to contribute towards the redevelopment programme of Mukosi School? There are many ways you can join us as an Active Partner.

Contribute material, equipment or simply your time and skills

As part of the school’s reconstruction, we are looking for Partners who are able to contribute unwanted solar panels and storage batteries, generators, power tools, building material and machinery, water storage tanks, a school bus, bicycles, music instruments, and teaching material such as laptops & tablets, audio-visual equipment, books, writing material etc. We would love to give your unwanted items a new lease of life!

As part of the reconstruction project, we provide accommodation for volunteers who want to visit and help us get this transformation off the ground. Perhaps you are a photographer and your dream is to set up a photography department…Or maybe you are experienced in deploying sustainable development programmes and you would like to lead a part of the reconstruction project? Whatever your area of expertise, you will be welcomed as one of ours. Almost everything needs building from scratch. This is a fantastic opportunity to lead a project of your choice. You can make a real a difference to our bright and eager students whilst contributing to the preservation of a very special ecosystem. Want to join us on our journey? Drop us an email on

Contribute funds

Financial contributions are also welcome. They allow us to pay for basic necessities like writing material or pay for shipments coming from our international partners who want to donate goods/material/equipment, but do not have the finances to organise the shipping. Please contact us directly on to support us with a general financial contribution.


Friends of Mukosi School

Join our Active Partners and become part of a unique sustainable development programme. We welcome partners across our planet – individuals, corporate partners and not-for-profit organisations. Below are some of our friends starting with Mukosi School Volunteer Team.