“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge because imagination encircles the world.”

Albert Einstein

We have set our sights on what we need and this has allowed us to move past fear and dithering. We are therefore building on what we already have and what we already know. Here at Mukosi, we have a strong tradition of celebrating victory, no matter how small. This allows us to focus on the next step. In our reconstruction programme, we are not focused on perfection because we are a work in progress, thus focusing on opportunities rather than problems, our strengths, more than weaknesses.

The success of Mukosi School and its Community will depend on how we deliver critical infrastructure such as electricity, water, biogas generation and road transport. These will underpin our Redevelopment Programme. The current buildings at Mukosi School are showing their age and are not well-adapted to the demands of a modern institution. Currently, we have developed outline concepts of a phased redevelopment which will transform Mukosi School into a modern institution without loss of its illustrious heritage.

Our aim is:

  1. to create a unique modern library and ICT centre
  2. to build modern teaching blocks
  3. to put up a modern kitchen and dining room
  4. to modernise staff housing
  5. to build a laboratory and workshop
  6. to construct a playhouse/theatre
  7. to set up a craft centre
  8. to institute a modern sports facility
  9. to develop a health centre