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Library & Micro Seed Bank

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Establish modern Library

Therefore, the Roman poet Cicero said..."if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need". That garden, we are blessed to have at area of breathtakingly outstanding national beauty.


Indeed, establish a Library we have begun. That Library, like a vaccine injected to ward off the epidemic of ignorance, is our prime focus. One of our Partners, Ndirimo Trust, has just donated 1,000 books. Our Mukosi Friends in Cambridge, UK enabled their transportation from South Africa to Mukosi School. Even without an existing infrastructure to house the books, we are determined to create a unique Library at Mukosi School.


A good Library is the inspirational channel to promote amazement at the beauty and complexity of our planet. Indeed it has the power to blow a child's mind off the planet and explore the stars.


On our drawing board we are designing a statement structure with the architectural layout that underlines Mukosi School's disposition to ecology. This Library is being designed to reflect the school's empathy with the environment. Architecturally the building itself will be traditional and vernacular yet modern and futuristic in its conception of harnessing African culture and future trends. There will be a strong emphasis on sourcing local materials. There will be an ICT Centre adjoining the Library.


Inclusion of a Micro Seed Bank

This Library is designed to incorporate the woodland's fauna and flora plus Mukosi aquatics as an integral part. That is an embedded Library. Mukosi School Library is being designed to be much more than book and computer for this Library will also be host to a small Seed Bank. At Mukosi we believe in the preservation of the wide range of plant species that thrive in our environment. Even without the assets of liquid nitrogen cryostats for storage, Mukosi School is employing innovation and traditional methods to preserve seeds. The genetic information held inside the seed of every plant is a bewilderingly massive Library. We have a duty therefore, given the challenge of climate change, to offer small help in this titanic task.


Mukosi School Library will work in synergy with the government's Geographical Information Systems (Zimbabwe GIS) and the Zimbabwe National Geo-Spatial and Space Agency (ZINGSA). These government agencies are tasked to provide vital information on environment and climate variations.


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