It’s examination time at Mukosi School. There’s a buzz on the campus. Our pupils are focused to achieve and get good grades.

Pupils at the secondary school writing exams
Teaching staff supervising exams

Mukosi School does not have a secure storage for exam papers. So the headmaster/staff members have to make very early morning trips to Morgenster (the local educational centre) to pick up the exam papers – ready for the 9am start. A second trip has to be made on the same day to deliver the written papers back to Morgenster.

Headmaster Chinengundu with the written exam papers at the back on the way to Morgenster education centre.

On September 27th at 7:27 am, the headmaster’s motorbike broke down while en-route. Our Headmaster Lighton Chinengundu recounts:

“Unfortunately, the chain of my motorbike broke. I was left with 1 hour 33 mins to get the papers from Morgenster and take them to Mukosi School for the 9 am exams. I had to get a lift from Morgenster to the top of the dust access road leading to the school. I then called our maintenance staff Obert Mberi to pick up the papers by bicycle to quickly deliver them to the school. I had to follow on foot and walked the 5 mile trek as fast as I could to supervise the exam.”

In our redevelopment designs, we have plans to construct secure storage facilities with a strong lock. These facilities will be used for the safe-keeping of important school documents and exam papers.