Here we go! Our community of volunteers with picks, shovels, and spades on a starter of a main course to Mukosi School. During this Phased Re-development of the school, this road is the key to unlocking all sectors.

Every Wednesday, our local Community gathers to work together to rehabilitate the road that leads to our school. Every Wednesday, the turn out is overwhelming.

Stretches of the old road are being cleared to make way for graders.

Stones are now being gathered to fill in the ditches and make the road more navigable. Men and women of Mukosi are determined to rehabilitate the road that used to be the lifeblood of our community.

To ease their work, a local community member Mr Muparari, has kindly offered his tractor to community volunteers.

Learn more about why this road is so critical to Mukosi School on our web page covering road infrastructure and transport.